Ending the Sales Tax on Food

After regressive tax hikes during the Brownback administration, Kansas has one of the highest food sales tax in the country. Ryan believes that the next tax cut passed by the legislature shouldn't benefit large multinational corporations, but instead eliminate the food sales tax so working Kansans can provide their families the most basic and fundamental need.

Increase the Child Care Tax Credit

Kansas can -- and should -- do more for working families. Ryan is a strong advocate for increasing the child care tax credit. Recognizing the importance of child-care for working Kansans and families is important, but understanding the huge costs of childcare is critical. Increasing the child tax credit is a powerful way to reduce their tax bill and create a more affordable option for families and working parents.

Maintain & Provide Constitutional School Funding

Ryan is committed to providing and maintaining constitutional funding for our public K-12 schools. We must ensure Kansas students have access to quality education for their own futures, and for our state's. It is poorly-planned policies from Topeka that pose a real threat for the future of our children, our community, and our economy. He understands that post-high school education is critical to the future of the state and that educators deserve respect, fair pay, and stable employment.

Passing Medicaid Expansion

Ryan is committed to expanding Medicaid for the nearly 150,000 Kansans currently living in the coverage gap between eligibility for Medicaid and the ability to afford increasingly expensive private insurance. By refusing to expand health care access, Kansas has forfeited over $3.7 billion in funding, which could have helped save rural hospitals that have been forced to close, strengthen the struggling rural hospitals that remain, and provide countless jobs to unemployed Kansans and a big boost to the economy.

Ensure History Remains History

Ryan supports the provision in our state constitution that requires a balanced budget. A stable budget ensures the continual ability to pay for essential programs and fund agencies, and supports a strong environment for economic and business growth. The Brownback tax experiment bankrupted the state, leaving Kansas nearly $1 billion in the hole, and cutting services to those who needed them most to balance the budget. We must never return to such disastrous and irresponsible fiscal policy, despite repeated attempts since the repeal to do so.


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